InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Frequently Asked Questions – Things You Should Know

Are you tired of the same, plain old water routine? Look no further. Your search for the Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is finally over!

Why should I drink fruit Infused water?

It’s an easy way to naturally increase your intake of vitamins and minerals while keeping you hydrated.

Did you know that being dehydrated can make you feel tired and less focused?

By drinking more water you can control hunger and cravings. Making it easier to stick to your diet!

What do I need?

You just add fruit and water! Our starter kit that has everything you need to get going:

  • Fruit Infuser Detox Water Bottle, Full Length Infusion Rod.
  • Free Recipe Digital eBooks for Weight Loss, Detox.
  • Anti-Sweat Neoprene Sleeve
  • Stainless Steel Protein Shaker Ball

How do I use it?

Don’t worry. We include 2 digital eBooks with full of tips, tricks and tasty recipes.
Become a fruit infusion master overnight!

Note: eBooks download instruction booklet is included in each bottle.

What else can I make using this bottle?

Our detox bottle is also idle for cold tea brews especially loose leaf green tea

What is it made of?

Made from Top Quality TRITAN. Also our infusion bottle is BPA free and leak proof!

Why a neoprene sleeve?

Neoprene contains thousands of tiny air pockets which provide simple but effective insulation!
It will keep your infused water  cooler for longer and it helps in absorbing bottle sweat!

Is it easy to clean?

All of our detox bottle components are easy to clean and are top rack dishwasher safe!

What if I don’t like it?

We’re sure you’ll enjoy your infuser water bottle so much, so we included a Lifetime Happiness Guarantee.
Even if you don’t like your infuser bottle you can keep the recipe eBooks forever!


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