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Total Deliciousness

Looking for the perfect coffee maker to whip up consistently rich tasting cups of brew? Then this 600ml glass French press is just what you need! French press coffee makers are known for their hot and flavorful tasting coffee. But most of them have one big problem: cups full of coffee grinds! And that’s where we come in. Our coffee presses are fitted with high quality metal filters that ensure little to no grinds are left in your cup. So you end up with a delicious clear cup of coffee or tea in just 4 minutes.

 Lasts for Years

We’ve designed this coffee French press to offer durability like none other. Unlike other glass carafes that easily crack when washing or brewing, ours is made using heat-resistant, high-grade borosilicate glass that provides years of unwavering service. We’ve also ensured that all the materials used are fully FDA-approved and that no plastic ever comes into contact with the brewing coffee or tea. So you’re assured of natural-tasting brew every single time.

 Here’s why you’ll love InstaCuppa French Coffee Maker:

– Smooth plunger mechanism that makes for effortless use.
– Makes up to 6 cups in just one pressing.
– Heat resistant handle for comfortable handling.
– Easy-to-pour spout and dishwasher safe components.
– Beautiful mix of glass and high-polished stainless steel.

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