DIY Coffee Latte with Milk Frother Wand And French Press Coffee Maker

We’ll Need:

  1. Coarse Ground Coffee
  2. InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker And Milk Frother Wand
  3. Hot Water
  4. Hot Milk


  1. Put atleast 2 tbsp of coarsely ground coffee in you french press coffee maker.
  2. Add enough amount of hot water.
  3. Stir it then cover for 4 minutes.
  4. Press the french press coffee maker plunger.
  5. Pour small amount of coffee in a separate cup/glass.
  6. Froth the milk until it’s foamy and thick.
  7. Then combine the milk and coffee together.
  8. If you want a foamier coffee latte, you can transfer it to a separate glass, then continue to froth until your desired thickness and foam is achieved.
  9. Enjoy it hot or cold 🙂

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