How To Make Basil Tomato Juice Infused Water Detox Drink

Who says that tomatoes are just for salad? These juicy fruits make a great addition to juices and smoothies! They’re chock-full of lycopene, fiber, vitamin C, and other nutrients that keep your body functioning at its peak. For extra nutrition, add basil to the mix. Put your InstaCuppa Infuser Bottle to work – and you’ll get a delicious, healthy beverage that detoxifies your system naturally.

Think of our Basil Tomato Juice Infused Water Detox Drink as salad in a bottle. It’s a perfect meal replacement and fills you up instantly. Since it has no added sugar or sodium, it makes weight loss a breeze.

Basil contains Disease-Fighting Antioxidants, fights depression and promotes cardiovascular health. Tomatoes are great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin K.

We’ll need:

Cold water
And InstaCuppa Infuser Bottle


  1. Take off the infuser rod from the bottle.
  2. Slice the tomato in pieces.
  3. Put the tomato and basil inside the infuser rod.
  4. Put the infuser rod back in the bottle.
  5. Add some cold water.
  6. Infuse for few hours.
  7. Enjoy your Basil Tomato Juice Infused Water Detox Drink.

Slim Down Naturally and Keep Your Heart Healthy

Tomatoes boast an exceptional antioxidant value. Lycopene, one of their key nutrients, scavenges free radicals and protects your body against the harmful effects of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. Research shows that it may also slow down the growth of prostate and breast tumors.

According to a 23-year study, the risk of prostate cancer was 30 percent lower in men who consumed tomato sauce weekly. Another study has found that lycopene and other carotenoids may cut the risk of prostate and lung cancer by half.

Tomatoes are good for your heart too. Due to their high lycopene levels, they lower bad cholesterol, protect against atherosclerosis, and reduce heart disease risk. In a clinical trial conducted on people with metabolic syndrome, the risk of premature death decreased by 39 percent in those who had the highest lycopene levels.

If you’re trying to lose a few pounds, these fruits are your best allies. One cup of tomatoes has only 32 calories and yet, it provides over 38 percent of RDA of vitamin C and 30 percent of the RDA of vitamin A. Plus, tomatoes are rich in fiber, so they slow sugar absorption into the bloodstream and suppress hunger.

This healthful concoction requires basil as well. We’ve chosen this ingredient for is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-cancer properties. Basil is rich in vitamins, minerals, and volatile oils that benefit every system in your body.

Its anti-aging effects shouldn’t be overlooked either. The vitamin C in this aromatic herb keeps wrinkles at bay and stimulates collagen formation in the skin.

Whether you want to detoxify your body, look younger, or stay healthy for years to come, this beverage can help. Even your kids will love our Basil Tomato Juice Infused Water Detox Drink, so give it a try!

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