How To Replace Flip top Lid And Cup Cover Lid of your InstaCuppa Thermosteel Thermos Flask Bottle 1000 ML

Ready to start using your InstaCuppa Thermosteel Thermos Flask Bottle? First, take a look at what’s inside the box. You’ll see that there are types of lids: a wide-mouth lid and a flip-flop lid. Choosing one over another depends on how you plan to use the bottle.

Next, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Initially, we have the wide mouth lid attached in the bottle for easy filling. This one is recommended for hot drinks.

To take it off, simply open the lid and pull up the rubber carefully. The design provides easy grip, better insulation & temperature retention.

Once removed, you can just put the flip-top lid in the bottle. This one gives extra protection by safely locking the mouth. This is also recommended for cold drinks & fruit infusions.

Sounds simple, isn’t it? With the InstaCuppa Thermosteel Thermos Bottle, you’ll no longer have to wait in line at the cafe shop or stop by at the supermarket to buy ice-cold fruit juices and creamy smoothies. Your favorite beverages will stay at an optimum temperature for up to 24 hours!

This versatile thermos bottle offers both style and functionality. It’s large enough to hold large amounts of liquid and small enough to fit into gym bags, purses, and anything in between. Use it to store and carry soup, tea, coffee, fruit juices, smoothies, protein drinks, and even frappe or latte. They’ll taste amazing each and every time!

The InstaCuppa Thermosteel Thermos Bottle eliminates the need to reheat or refrigerate beverages while at work or outdoors. It can be a lifesaver when you’re on a trip, in the airport, or waiting in traffic. This gadget makes it easy to quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings anytime, anywhere without compromising on flavor.

Imagine having a bad cold and trying to get to the office. It’s no secret that hot tea speeds up recovery, soothes a sore throat, and relieves nasal congestion.

Grab your thermos bottle, fill it with tea, and enjoy this healing beverage on your way to work or during lunch break. Your tea will stay hot or up to 12 hours! Unless you drink it all, you’ll still have some left on your way home.

Need one more reason to try the InstaCuppa Thermos Bottle? Think about how much time and money you could save!

Many times, we drink coffee just because we want a hot beverage, not necessarily for a boost of energy. Instead of spending a few bucks at the coffee shop, make this beverage at home and store it in your thermos bottle. You’ll have enough coffee for the whole day! Plus, you can use this gadget to keep fruit juices fresh and preserves their natural flavor by maintaining an optimal temperature.

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