Do you know about what the hell effect?

Do you know about the “What the hell effect?”

This is really important if you are on a strict detox or diet!

It is very effective at delaying our detox and weight loss goals!

I frequently tend to lapse into this “What the hell effect”?​

Right now I am on a strict diet.

To make it easier, I would say my diet goal is to eat around 1500 calories per day.

On normal days, I tend to stick to it religiously.

But the lapses happen on Movie weekends or going out with friends and family!

Last weekend I went to a movie with my friends.

My friend organized the movie get together.

So he took care of the tickets and snacks.

I thought i will share some popcorn and a coke.

But the movie was so interesting, I lost track of what i was eating.
After the movie i realized to check my calorie counter for the day.

Without realizing i had a big tub of popcorn and 500 ml coke.


After this, we all decided to go out for dinner.

At the restaurant, I told to my self this

“Saran, What the hell?

“You have crossed your daily calorie limit of 1500 calories.”

“Your strict rules for the day are broken”.

“So no need to stick to your diet for today.”

“Order what ever you want and enjoy the rest of the day.”

“You can start again tomorrow”.

Next day when i wake up. I felt bad for falling into this trap.

Can any one relate to this?

This is what is known as What the hell effect?

I used to keep falling into this trap.

But not anymore!.

Is there a way to get around this effect?

Yes there is.

Awareness is winning half the battle.

There are some useful tricks too.

Stay tuned for my email on the tricks!

Until next time…

Talk soon,
Saran R

P.S  “What the hell effect?” is based on research mentioned in the book

Will Power: Discovering the greatest human strength By John Tierney & Roy F. Baumeister

As per the authors,

” What the hell effect? – Usually if a particular target is missed by the dieters then they tend to go into binge eating”

They have done some interesting research regarding this for the book.

This book is a must read.

>> Click here <<, to find out more about the book.


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