I am from a town near Chennai called Tirupati.

If you are a devotee of Lord Balaji, then you should know this place.

After graduating college, I was lucky enough to land a well-paid job at a software company in Chennai.

So, i moved to Chennai and stayed with my friends close to the office.

This was really a dream come true for me. Just out of college, good salary and financially independent.

Everything looked so settled and I could see my happy future

Being a start-up we had to work very long hours to meet our training demand.

I was very keen on proving my talent and impressing my manager i worked long hours very late into the night and consistently pulled off many all nighters.

Heck no sleep no problem, i can get through with my favourite coffee and caffeinated sugary drinks to push me through.

Being in Chennai I had access to wonderful filter coffee.

I was easily drinking 5 to 6 cups of coffee a day and god knows how many caffeinated drinks.

By this time i was also regularly eating out with my friends and colleagues.

Long work hours meant I had little time to prepare my own meals.

Any ways my hard work started paying off and very soon I was enrolled into the core project of the company.

I was feeling on top!

This summarizes my thinking perfectly back then,

“Carrier growth is more important in the longer run. Do not worry about your sleep and health. After-all you are young, and your body can take the stress like a battle tank.”

But little did I know what a terrible mess i was getting into.

Life went on for a few months like this.

Lots of stressful work and long work days combined with intake of caffeinated sugary drinks to push me through.

After a long time my college friends planned for a reunion.

I was very excited for this and went to the reunion.

Most of my friends were shocked to see me look very different.

Initially I thought they are trying to pull my leg.

But as more friends arrived, I kept getting the same feedback.

“Hey, Saran you have put on weight.”

Some of them were polite and they were telling like “you look different than in college days”

This made me aware that something is not right.

I am a moderate eater and in-fact because of lot of work i was skipping meals regularly.

So, after the college reunion, i have decided to lose weight.

I started eating less and was on a strict diet.

This made me feel weak and sluggish. I found it difficult to concentrate on my work at hand.

I was hungry all the time.

But with sheer will power I pushed through.

Once again caffeinated sugary drinks (Coffee, Colas, Red Bull) were my allies to
get energy surges.

But after trying this diet for few months, i have noticed that nothing has changed and i put on more weight.

This made me more depressed.

Not only I was hungry all the time and restricting myself to eat my favourite foods.

I am not seeing any results what so ever in my weight.

Then I remembered the quote Albert Einstein has said “Doing the same thing again and again and expecting different result is insanity! “.

I thought to myself to change the way I am dieting.

So i started taking notes on what I was eating and drinking for 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks when I checked the stats, I was more than shocked.

When I analysed my past 2 weeks diet, few things stood out immediately.

I drank around 70 cups of coffee, around 50 caffeinated sugary energy drinks.

My typical day looked somewhat like this…

Morning 8:00 AM – Start work with 1 strong Madras filter coffee.

Breakfast – Skip

Morning 10:00 AM – Again re-energize with one more coffee.

Around Noon – Pantry break with colleagues and again one more coffee

Lunch around 1:30 P.M – normal south Indian thali with Coke or Pepsi.

3;30 P.M – pantry break with colleagues and one more coffee

6:00 P.M – A small snack with Coke or Pepsi

8:00 P.M – Dinner with Coke or Pepsi.

If i had late night work, then I was consuming 1 or 2 more cups of caffeinated drinks.

Not to mention the weekend movies, 1 large Coke with Popcorn.

I am a sucker for Coke & Popcorn when watching movies!

When i did the math for liquid calorie consumption on my average day, this is what i found out.

1 Coke or Pepsi drink of 300 ML had around 122 calories

1 Coffee with full fat milk and sugar had around 100 calories.

I was shocked to see that I was consuming more than 1000 liquid calories in a single day!

This is when I realized there has got to be a better way to energize myself and to avoid these empty liquid calories.

Then i had an Ah ha moment. What if I can drink more natural and healthy beverages to replenish myself.

Instead of drinking empty liquid calories what if I can replace them with refreshing natural drinks.

Same day I decided that I would cut down on my coffee and sugary soft drinks and try some healthy drinking options.

So the next day to office I took a water bottle with lemon slices in it.

This simple drink tasted very refreshing. I remember drinking more water than I normally would.

Next day I experimented with Lemon and mint leaves. This gave me a refreshing flavour and helped me drink more water that i normally would.

At this point i cut down my caffeinated soft drinks intake and was drinking only 1-2 cups of filter coffee a day.

After around 3 weeks of trying this routine I checked my weight.

I was more than ecstatic to see that I was able to lose weight.

Not only I lost weight, but with the vitamin c I was drinking in the form of lemon infused water improved my skin complexion.

That is when I realized drinking healthy can be a fun way to hydrate yourself and staying healthy.

Many of us focus on eating right, but not drinking healthy.

Liquid calories are very sneaky. It is very easy to over consume without realizing how much overboard you went. 

But fruit infused detox water helped me with my soft drink cravings.

So, without using any will power I was able to cut down on these sugary soft-drinks.

This realization led me to the idea of InstaCuppa. Why not make it easier for everyone to drink healthy anywhere.

With this vision, we at InstaCuppa strive to innovate products and resources that can help anyone drink healthy anywhere.

Do not get me wrong, I do enjoy my filter coffee and sugary soft drinks.

Now I drink my coffee or coke for enjoyment, but I do not drink to push me through my day or re-energize.

If you have read the brand story until here, then I am really grateful for you.

I am no professional story writer. I did my best to explain the story.

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