Do you have the right tools for fruit infusion?

So you have the recipes that work…

But making these fruit infusion recipes without the right tools can be difficult!

For the first few days you can force yourself to follow the recipes.

But eventually reality will set in.

You will start to skip the fruit infusion process here and there.

And eventually here and there will become “all of the time”.

I have been there many times.

I will start a new detox routine and tell myself “I will stick to this no matter what!”

After the first week or so, my will power will be slowly challenged.

By the second week I am skipping the detox every 3 days.

I tell myself, “I did this for more than a week now. I can afford to skip it for 1 day.”

By the end of the first month I am back to where I started.

I would end up getting more depressed. 

I think that I am bad for not having enough will power.

But the same pattern repeats itself again and again.

One day I just said “enough is enough” and sat down to see where I had been going wrong.

After analyzing the past 4 routines that I broke, I came to see there was a clear pattern.

There was too much work to get the new routine going.

I would say “From tomorrow, I will have Green Tea + Mint + Ginger + Grapefruit detox water”.

This looks simple. But to get grapefruit I had to go to a store an hour away from my apartment.

Not only that but I used a normal bottle to make these recipes.

After work each day I had to painfully clean the bottle.

Slowly the difficulty of these tasks took their toll.

I started skipping tasks and eventually quit the new routine.

This happened every time I started a new routine.

So this time, I wanted to do things differently.

I wanted to make these steps as simple as possible.

I choose to use fruits which were easily accessible near my home.

And I also bought a proper infuser bottle for the first time.

(An Infuser Bottle has a removable infuser core. The infuser core holds the fruits and lets the flavours soak into the water without letting the actual fruits get into the water).

So my new detox routine now became…

Green Tea Bag + Lemon Slices + Ginger in the Infuser Bottle.

I could make these recipes in just 5 minutes.

The task was not difficult at all. 

I set myself timely reminders to make this simple recipe.

Before I knew it I got into the very good habit of drinking more detox water.

To form any new habit, we need to make the steps simple.

As we keep performing these simple steps eventually they will become a habit or routine.

You can make detox or infused water in many ways.

But Infuser Bottles are the right tool for this job.

They make it easy to add the fruit flavors to your water and also cleaning the bottle is very easy.

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